Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Guest dockage is conducted on an individual stay basis. Reservations must be made in advance. There is a $40 per night minimum for guests from reciprocal clubs. Guest dockage is limited to two weekend nights and 5 week day nights per basin, per season at the rates listed below:

$1.00/ft LOA - Active & Retired BYC Members
$1.25/ft LOA - All Current, Non-Active BYC members
$2.00/ft LOA - Reciprocal Club Members
Current Active, Retired Active, and Intermediate BYC Members will be charged $2.00/LOA after the 5th night. There are no limits to the number of stays
All other BYC member classes will be charged $2.75/LOA after the 5th night, up to a limit of 10 nights per basin, per season. 

•  Active, Retired Active and Intermediate members receive two nights of complimentary guest dockage per basin, per season.
•  All other current members receive one night of complimentary dockage per season.
•  Members of approved Reciprocal Clubs will receive one night of complimentary dockage per season. The free night will be granted after the first paid night of guest dockage.

For guest dockage in Buffalo please call the Front Office at 716-883-5900
For guest dockage in Point Abino please call Ruth Sparks, Director of Point Abino Operations: 905-414-7430

The Buffalo Yacht Club is a private, members-only club. Our facilities are provided for the enjoyment of current members, their guests and members of reciprocal clubs only. We are not open to the public.

“The Buffalo Yacht Club is a private membership organization with a Section 501(c)(7) Federal tax exemption.
The facilities of the club are for the sole use of members and their guests. This website’s public access information shall not be construed as an invitation to the general public.”